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Kintsugi is the Japanese art of reconstructing ceramics with a paste of resin and gold. With this metaphor about her own resilience, the pianist and composer builds a universe of deep and magnetic sonority, with melodies that capture the audience.

kintsugi as an art

The art of rebuilding oneself
We all have wounds, marks and scars that we have acquired over the years.

That's what living is all about.
But, because of this so human and perhaps so modern issue where it seems not to be allowed to show everything that happens to us and only focus on success and happiness, we decided to hide those scars.
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing and reconstructing broken ceramic pieces in which, instead of disguising the broken lines, they are given a new value and made more visible by using a paste based on vegetable resin and gold dust. And lots and lots of patience. This method exhibits those wounds of the past and thus, the ceramic objects acquire a new life.
The wonder of oneself
With this technique, no two pieces are ever the same. On the contrary, it raises the wonder of the genuineness of each individual.
Today, this technique has transcended the boundaries of pottery and has become a philosophy of life and an emotional tool, which revalidates the wounds of the soul and teaches us about resilience, a key competence in our era.
Not to be so critical, to accept ourselves with all our history and emotional baggage.
If we learn from our past mistakes and traumas, letting those scars show doesn't have to be a taboo, far from it. We are imperfect and that's okay. It is impossible to be "perfect on this plane". We have to be resilient and see how to learn from pain or mistakes;.
Perfect Imperfection
Encouraging us to be imperfect makes us human, wiser and better people in all aspects of our lives.

Recognizing and giving entity to our roadmap in life is what leads us to find the best path, no matter how many curves and detours it presents us with. The result of being transparent is always positive.
This is how light comes in
Our experiences, our wounds, teachings and learnings are what make us who we are and what structure our personality.

We are formed from all that and nothing should be hidden. We must re-signify it and give it a value.
As the poet Leonard Cohen says: "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in".

Under the aesthetics of “pianistic minimalism of km 0” (Laura is from here), the pianist and composer reminds us that “we are able to feel not only with our ears, but with our heart, and with our whole being”. The cathartic capacity of instrumental music, pushes us to make an absolutely personal and non-transferable journey.

On Friday, November 4, we discover the single of this fall, which bears the same name as the album: kintsugi. And on November 10th the entire album will be released (on all platforms and physical stores in our country).

The kintsugi includes pieces such as Resurgence, dedicated to the women of history, Open Arms, a solidarity theme for which we will see a video clip in December, Butterflies or our capacity for illusion and love of life, and the intimacy of La Notte.

In addition to her project, Laura tours internationally with diverse repertoires, as well as accompanying and performing in tandem with nationally and internationally renowned artists. She has also collaborated in television and entertainment programs and broadcasts, talent shows and solidarity programs.