Enderrock Award for the best classical and contemporary album 2022. 

Throughout a lifetime, who hasn’t experienced blank moments? I have also felt blank. Feeling death close is a very powerful blank, like a flash that stops time and breathing.

Sometimes I have been scared; other times, lost. And many other times, excited, like today. White is purity, peace and healing. It is a clean sheet, ready to be soiled with life. White paralyzes the writer, invites the child to create the world with its crayons. White is generous, it reflects the light and opens wide to receive all that we wish to tell. This is a Blanc moment. The calendar announces that I have passed forty and I have been turning around so much that even the world has become dizzy. And in order not to fall, I have clung to music.

I have started to play more, to improvise more, to finally… compose. Notes and notes leak everywhere, as if I were opening a faucet. For what, for whom? Blanc makes sense because it is for you. To embrace you and to make you feel me close. To fill your spaces and your time and your silences with sound. Blanc is a piece of life. A blank page to make mistakes and rewrite ourselves. An intimate encounter with our emotions. An occasion to ask for forgiveness, to say thank you and to say I love you.

Blanc is a suitcase full of experiences, places and special people. A journey in which I have gone from one end of myself to the other… until I found myself. Enjoy this trip. Let your mind go blank and …join me.

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