Laura Andrés is a pianist and composer and right now, at this very moment, she lives in El Masnou, Barcelona… 

but well, with Laura, you never know.

She studied classical piano in Barcelona and a postgraduate degree in Paris, and later specialized in Metodologia Jaques-Dalcroze (at the Haute École de Musique in Geneva, Switzerland), a scenic and holistic technique, halfway between music, dance, theater and improvisation. 

For years she dedicated herself to pedagogy and teaching in various conservatories and music schools, teaching students of all ages and conducting training for teachers at the State level.

In 2021 she released her first album called #blanc, awarded with an Enderrock Award. 

In 2022 she presented her second album, Kintsugi, which has played in Lecce (Italy), Brussels, Madrid, Malaga or Barcelona. 

Laura is passionate about impassioning and thrilled to thrill.

“The important thing for me is to communicate from the heart. The word is precious, but it is misunderstood. In music there is no miscommunication.”

From the moment composition “grabbed her from the inside, as if it were roots”, Laura has not been able to stop composing. 

So her personal and professional life respond together to a constant improvisation in the art of living and walking around balancing and performing concerts in the wonderful world we live in.

Laura also has a long career as a pianist and keyboardist with other artists, projects and companies of different kinds (Shakira, Beth, La Cubana, Dagoll Dagom, etc.). 

She has also accompanied dancers, actors and singers (Institut del Teatre, It dansa, Jove ballet de Catalunya), she has been a teacher in talent shows on television and has collaborated in some radio and educational programs. 

Currently, in addition to her more personal project, she also performs tribute concerts of different authors for Candlelight that have taken her to play all over Europe and to arrange some tributes worldwide.

Multifaceted, curious and versatile, she also maintains other musical and composing projects for films and documentaries. 

As far as we know, at the end of this BIO she lives in El Masnou, Barcelona.

Let’s see tomorrow.

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