I am a pianist and composer. I have the immense privilege of doing what I love and working with the language of the soul, music. I give concerts to travel beautifully. I make music to heal myself from the madness of the world.

I would like you to listen to my music, especially my latest album, VENUS. I am sure you will love making this journey with me.

Here is a bit about my professional “journey” so you know who I am and what I do.

Sóc pianista i compositora. Tinc l’enorme privilegi de fer allò que m’agrada i de treballar amb el llenguatge de l’ànima, la música. Faig concerts per viatjar bonic. Faig música per curar-me de la bogeria del món. 

M’agradaria que escoltessis la meva música, sobretot el meu darrer disc, VENUS. Estic segura que t’encantarà fer aquest viatge amb mi. 

Aquí trobaràs un resum del meu “parcours” professional, perquè sàpigues qui sóc i el que faig. 

Laura Andrés is a pianist and composer who lives near the sea (with Laura, you never know).

She studied piano in Barcelona and Paris, and later specialized in Jaques-Dalcroze music pedagogy at HEM in Geneva, Switzerland, a scenic and holistic technique halfway between music, dance, theater, and improvisation.

She has been happy as a teacher and has accompanied students of all conditions, sizes, and ages. Now she is also happy dedicating herself to playing the piano and showcasing her music wherever she goes.

In 2021, she was about to leave everything and become a forest ranger. Instead, she released her first album #blanc, which won an Enderrock Award. In 2022, she presented her second album, Kintsugi, which she played in Lecce, Málaga, Madrid, and Brussels. By the end of 2023, she amazed us with her album VENUS, which tours throughout 2024, establishing her as a leading composer and pianist in the country.

She has played at important festivals such as Porta Ferrada, Guitar Festival, and the Barcelona Jazz Festival.

She has also played under the stars and by candlelight, touring across Europe.

Laura is passionate about inspiring passion and is moved by moving others.

“The word is precious, but it is misinterpreted. In music, there is no error in communication.”

Since the moment composition “grabbed her from within, like roots,” Laura has not stopped working and composing.

Thus, her personal and professional life responds together to a constant improvisation in the art of living and walking the tightrope and giving concerts in this wonderful world where we miraculously coincide.

Multifaceted, curious, versatile, she simultaneously maintains other musical projects, television, composition for cinema, and documentaries.

As far as we know, at the end of this BIO, she still lives near the sea.

Tomorrow, we will see.

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